Visual Counting System

Prescription Validation, Counting And Filling System

For the growing pharmacy that needs to automate pill counting and save space, the Eyecon Tabletop Automation system is the answer.

The Eyecon is a compact and powerful Automated Counting System (ACS). It can fit easily onto a 48" square surface. Eyecon fits on most countertops with the following measurements: 28" Hx 11" Wx 17.5 D; it weighs only 16-18 pounds. The full-color LCD flat panel touchscreen is 6.5 inches.

The Automated Counting System employs machine vision technology. A camera mounted above the counting platter captures photo images used to count pills five times per second. The technician or pharmacist simply scans the NDC barcode on the customer's prescription label then validates the order with a stock bottle to ensure accuracy. Eyecon then proceeds to counting mode. The technician can use digital pill counting or select color-coded pill counts. The final step is to slide pills into a funnel and dispense them into a patient vial.

Eyecon also stores records of prescriptions filled, which are exported into spreadsheet programs so inventory can be managed with ease.

Eyecon Can Help

Avoid misfillsMake a pharmacy more efficientRelieve staff of the constant stress of accurate pill counting

How Does Eyecon Differ From Competitors?

Machine vision technology increases speed – no typing to fill prescriptionsDetects pill fragments or foreign matter in the counting platter and alerts the operatorCounts all sizes and shapes of capsules and tabletsMay be used for validation and inventory of ointments, creams, solutions and pre-packs

Eyecon's Visual Counting System™ is up to 76% faster and significantly more accurate than manual counting.

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