Automated Counting System

RxMedic ACS is an affordable way to add time-saving automated pill counting to your pharmacy. The ACS can simultaneously count multiple medications and has several built-in patient safety features, including bar code scanning with an integrated orbital scanner, and photo verification. The counting system comes in several scalable sizes and configurations to fit your specific needs and budget.

  • Locking cells increase security
  • Interfaces with any pharmacy management system
  • Simultaneously counts multiple medications
  • Pre-counts minimum quantities ready for dispensing
  • Frees staff for more counseling, medication therapy and customer service
  • Choose from 24 to 96 dispensing cells with scalable footprint
  • Unique return-to-stock feature
  • Onsite cell calibration
  • Digital images of vial contents stored
  • Separate cells and chutes prevent cross contamination
  • Renowned customer support
    • Nationwide on-site service
    • Monitoring and customer support
    • In-system video conferencing


24 Cells
Width: 31.7"
Depth: 18.5"
Height: 78.2"

Cell and Chute Capacities

Standard Cell Capacity: 300 - 9,000 oral solids
Standard Cell Volume: 850cc
Super Cell Capacity: up to 20,000 oral solids
Super Cell Volume: 1,250cc