Fastest Pharmacy Robot On The Market

Imagine easily filling as many as five prescriptions per minute. That's fast. That's RxMedic's new RM64® pharmacy robot. RxMedic pharmacy automation technology means that RM64 can count any pill size or shape and utilizes a unique photo verification system.

RxMedic design means that operation is easy and reliable — it takes only three keystrokes to check out a prescription, and RM64 interfaces with any pharmacy management system. Speed plus accuracy equals efficiency, giving you and your staff more time to focus on what's important: your patients.

Pharmacy Automation Technology Breakthrough

The RM64 pharmacy robot combines speed with accuracy, quality and safety like never before, automating dispensing for up to 64 of the top drugs in a pharmacy, with a space-saving footprint. The next generation in pharmacy automation builds on well-known RxMedic strengths. Like other RxMedic pharmacy automation, RM64 can count any pill size or shape, expanding the possibilities of which drugs a pharmacy can store in the system.

RxMedic Technology Eliminates Cross Contamination

RM64 counts multiple prescriptions simultaneously, dispensing them directly into one of three different vial sizes, eliminating cross-contamination and air quality issues.

Unique Safety And Security Features

RM64 has locking cells requiring passwords, allowing the pharmacists to control access. The barcode system ensures the right drug is dispensed to the right patient. Our photo verification system provides a digital image of each prescription and stores it for future reference.

RM64: Easy, Flexible Operation

Changing out a drug is fast and easy, and can be done by pharmacy staff onsite in minutes. Restocking inventory can be done with just a few keystrokes, while the robot is filling other prescriptions, avoiding downtime. RM64 interfaces with any pharmacy management system, further increasing productivity and efficiency.

Small Footprint, Powerful Impact

With a footprint of 11 square feet, RM64 has the largest collating area in its class, sorting and filling prescriptions accurately and making them easy to locate thanks to an intuitive touchscreen, which requires only a few keystrokes to verify and check out the prescription.

RM64 is backed by RxMedic's renowned nationwide customer service and support, including one-of-a-kind remote support via in-system video capabilities that can often resolve issues immediately with a single call rather than waiting for a technician to visit.