Spend less time with your robot and more time with your customers

With the only true auto-calibrating cells in the industry, RxMedic takes efficiency to another level. The RM200 has been engineered to easily work with both conventional and triangular vials, and can be custom configured from 112 to 224 cells. It also features industry-first universal vial change out and bulk loading capabilities. Affordably priced, the RM200 allows pharmacies to reallocate hands-on time behind the counter to face time with patients.

Small footprint, large capacity

Auto calibrate up to 224 medications with speed and efficieny, in a 17' square footprint. Fill two prescriptions per minute; save time loading vials by pouring them straight from the box directly into the vial hopper.

Efficient and safe integration with TriMaxxTM or conventional vials

RxMedic RM200 features a unique photo verification system for every prescription filled. The RM200 dispenses directly into a vial, preventing cross-contamination and maintaining air quality in the pharmacy. Pharmacists can choos between triangular vials or conventional vials, an innovation not available with other systems.

The RM200 simply needs an ethernet network connection and a static IP address to operate with a Cisco / Linksys firewall to protect PHI, and remote support is provided over a secure, encrypted connection.


Width: 29"
Depth: 87"
Height: 81"