Pharmacy Automation: RxMedic ADS™
Robotic Dispensing System

The RxMedic Automated Dispensing System (ADS) automates up to 256 of a pharmacy’s highest volume drugs. Unique patient safety features, combined with robotic speed and accuracy, make this pharmacy robot a great addition to retail pharmacies, employee pharmacies, hospital outpatient pharmacies and mail-order facilities.

Capacity Of RxMedic ADS

The RxMedic ADS has incredible capacity: up to 256 standard cells, or 128 super cells can be combined in a combination to best suit the unique needs of any pharmacy. It can handle high volume easily, automating even the most difficult to count oral solids. ADS pharmacy automation fills up to 800f prescription volume per day, reducing the time spent preparing orders and increasing the time available for customer service and for revenue generating projects.

Pharmacy Technology Eliminates Cross Contamination

Each ADS cell counts and dispenses drugs directly into the vial, eliminating the risk of cross contamination. ADS does not use compressed air, but a unique vacuum technology and HEPA filtration to provide unprecedented air quality.

Patient Safety And Prescription Accuracy

RxMedic offers a unique patient safety feature on its automated dispensing and counting products. ADS takes a digital image of every filled prescription and stores it for future reference. Photo verification of vial contents enhances patient safety and provides documentation for quality assurance.

ADS: Easy, Flexible Operation

ADS has removable, auto-calibrating cells, making it easy for a pharmacy to change out drugs on-site in minutes. It interfaces with any pharmacy management system, offering a bi-directional integration advantage with QS/1. The collation area holds up to 200 capped and labeled vials; pharmacies with IVR can fill prescriptions robotically after-hours.

RxMedic ADS Has Small Footprint

With a footprint of less than 17 square feet of space the ADS is comparable to adding another shelf to the pharmacy workplace.

Onsite Or Remote Tech Support

Thanks to the unique RxMedic in-system video capabilities, immediate support remote support is available. ADS is also backed by a renowned nationwide customer service and support if onsite technical assistance is needed.

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Width: 28"
Depth: 87.8"
Height: 81.4"